We are happy to welcome you to our flying school in Zanzibar/Tanzania, open since 2009. The light air traffic, clear blue sky, and magnificent landscape provide the perfect environment for you to evolve into a professional private pilot.

How to start / What to bring

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  • 10 Photos, Passport sized
  • Passport or ID Copy
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Class II medical check (Issued by a TCAA Approved AME)
  • TCAA SPL Form O-PEL001 (Provided)


  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • Be able to read, write and speak English
  • Be medically fit

What we offer

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At ZRP you will receive one-on-one practical and theoretical training throughout the private pilot's licence (PPL) course. On completion of your training you shall be issued your PPL(LSA) or PPL(A) by TCAA (internationally recognized ICAO), endorsed with the aircraft rating meaning that you shall be allowed to fly all single-engine light sport aircraft (PPL LSA) up to a max mass of 700kg or all single-engine aeroplanes (PPL A) with a max mass of 5700kg.'PRIVATE PILOT LICENCE PROGRAM'.

We teach according to the requirements of the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (and also add many of the requirements of the FAA/USA).

  • The full time PPL program can take 2 to 6 months or part time at your own pace.
  • The training is conducted at Zanzibar International Airport (Airside).

Our aircrafts

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The RANS S6 COYOTE II, RANS S7LS Courier, BEST OFF NYNJA, Murphy Renegade, etc... are one of the finest Ultralight Aircraft available on the market today. It excels in the latest technical evolutions in regards to both reliability and safety.

All hours flown in a Light Sport Aircraft and/or on our Cessna trainer count towards any further licences.


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1. Set-up and Ground school-2500 USD

  • Registration Fees
  • Medical exam (by TCAA approved AME), Not included
  • ZNZ Int. Airport ID Pass, Not included
  • TCAA Student Pilot Licence (SPL)
  • Personalized ground schooling (including 9 official assessments and numerous homework assignments and tuition)
  • PPL package (books, logbook, flight computer, TAF/METAR Decoder)
  • TCAA PPL written exam, Not included
  • TCAA English Language Proficiency, Not included
  • TCAA PPL grant
  • GENERAL FLIGHT TEST and Pre-SOLO Inspector’s fee, Not included

2. Practical-Flying (can be paid in installments)

  • 40 Hours Block time at 200 USD (PPL LSA) per hour dual instruction including briefing, debriefing
  • An initial payment of 10 hours is required at enrolment

Prices are subject to change depending on current exchange rate.

How it works

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After undergoing apt training the student shall obtain his PPL provided that he/she:

  • Is at least 17 years of age
  • Has a valid medical (issued by a designated TCAA Physician)
  • Has a radio operator’s licence
  • Has a minimum of 40 flying hours consisting of at least 15 hours of solo flying including 5 hours solo cross-countries
  • Has a minimum of 5 hours training on a flight simulator
  • Passes written examinations
  • Passes a practical flying test by demonstrating a high level of flying skill while fulfilling all requirements as prescribed in the form General flight test for the private pilot licence TCAA(34)14


Mark (29) 
I was looking for a pilot school where the instructor really considers you as his own product and has a true interest in your flying ability. ZRP offered everything I was hoping for. From super professional yet fun ground schooling to productive practical lessons and tailored programs such as bush training in the National Parks. Last but not least, Zanzibar itself offers the ideal environment for learning how to fly. 

Ahmed (25)
Speaking honestly, you wont get the real fun of flying than in light sport aircrafts, weither its  for learning to fly or just for plesure, you get to do what you want to do when you want to do it, not like some planes wich does alot to simplify pilot works. shifting to any type of  plane become easier because you have the whole complete picture of flying .  

Simon (29)

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